About Me

     My name is Brittany Reeves and I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist. I studied clinical hypnotherapy at Hypnosis Motivation Institute and graduated with honors. I'm also a professional member of the American Hypnosis Association. I help my clients to recognize subconscious patterns and alter them to create the change that they want by setting and achieving realistic goals. I also help my clients to release stress, anxiety, and other built up feelings and emotions in the body that manifest as physical symptoms.
     I chose to become a hypnotherapist because as a wife, mother of 3, full-time employee, and a student I learned first-hand how easy it is to build the habit of constantly living life in survival mode doing the things I'm used to doing instead of what I really wanted to do. Allowing destructive thought patterns and negative self talk to rule how I felt and thought, and therefore the results in life I was getting. Constantly putting out fires. Being ungrounded, scatterbrained, and overall stressed. Hypnosis has helped me to build better habits, be able to identify thoughts that aren't based on how the world really is, and ultimately be more in control of how I live my life and the results I get!
     I'm fueled by my passion for learning, growing, and helping others to achieve the growth they want as well. I take an individual approach with each client by learning what they want to accomplish, what they think is stopping them from doing so, and working through it. Think of me as a partner on your journey to self-exploration! I hope to help each of my clients clients get to know themselves and understand that long lasting permanent change is possible.
     It’s my mission to help people become the best version of themselves by overcoming limiting beliefs and breaking conditioned patterns. In my practice I am constantly learning and sharing tools to help others create the results they desire. With hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and one-on-one sessions, I work with each person to help define their ideal life and the actions needed to get there.
     I believe that every person on the planet is born with everything they need inside of them to be all they want to be and it’s normal to need help along the way. We are all here sharing this human experience to be of aid to one another, to love one another, and to get the most that we can out of life.